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Industrial Tricep Bar


Transform your triceps into horseshoe-like muscle slabs with the Industrial Tricep Bar!

FEATURES • 28mm diameter • 34″ length • 25lbs weight • Black Cerakote • Medium knurl • Joint-friendly • Titanium-plated sleeves


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Take your lagging slabs of meat and transform them
into thick, JUICY beef patties with the Industrial Tricep Bar!

This specialty bar delivers all the tricep targeting, with little-to-no joint strain.

Benefits of the Tricep Bar

    With tricep training, the biggest buzzkill is when aching joints force you to limit your weights or reps — stunting your results. But with our tricep bar, your elbows & wrists will be putting their worries on ice. The ergonomic neutral handles minimize joint strain and the rotating sleeves keep your reps feeling as smooth as a baby’s bottom. And with the 28mm diameter handles being juuust the right length, the bar avoids that jarring bobblehead action… letting you laser-in on tyrannizing your triceps.
    Skull crushers with an EZ Curl Bar are a staple of tricep workouts, but variety is key to reaching armageddon. Whether you love skull crushers, french presses, or close grip bench presses, this tricep bar will help etch your pythons into those meaty, horseshoe-shaped tris you’ve been dreaming of. And unlike overhead extensions with a dumbbell, you don’t have to skimp on the weight or range of motion for fear of clunkin’ your noggin’.
    So, this tricep bar targets… your triceps. Duh. BUUUUT, that’s not all it can do! You can do hammer curls for your biceps, front raises for your delts, pullovers for your lats, and wrist extensions for your forearms. Or, dabble in the mystic lifting arts like Eric Bugez with our Trap Bar and use it for some single-arm rows and other shenanigans. While it wasn’t designed to be a loadable dumbbell, we’ve definitely seen crazier things in the gym.


BrandBells of Steel
Handle Diameter28mm
Handle Length5.75"/146mm
Sleeve Diameter1.97"/50mm
Loadable Sleeve Length6.5"/165mm
Bushings or BearingsBrass Bushings
Shaft CoatingCerakote
Sleeve CoatingTitanium-Plating
Total Weight Capacity330lbs/150kg
WarrantyLimited Lifetime

IMPORTANT: Although Cerakote is more resistant to rust and abrasion, it can still be scratched from metal-on-metal contact.

More AWESOME features on the Tricep Bar

Industrial Tricep Bar Feature 1

330lb Weight Capacity

With a total weight capacity of 330lbs, you can keep stacking on plates on this tricep bar like you’re at an all-you-can-eat pancake house. Oh, and don’t forget that fractional plates are the perfect way to overload your triceps!

Industrial Tricep Bar Feature 2

Rust-Resistant Cerakote

Just like our other Industrial barbells, this tricep bar features a rust-resistant Cerakote coating that’ll continuously flip the bird to oxidation. And as a thin coating, it still allows the medium knurling to work its magic to give you a reliable grip.

Industrial Tricep Bar Feature 3

Jazz Up Your Gym

Go to any home gym and what will you find? Enough black powder coat for 8,391 lifetimes. Let the golden titanium-plated sleeves on our tricep bar liven up your workout space by adding style points and a premier vibe.

Industrial Tricep Bar Feature 4

Space-Efficient Design

At only 34″ long, this tricep bar isn’t just compact and easy to carry across your gym — it can be easily tucked away with a vertical bar holder mounted to your rack. Or put it on display with your expansive barbell collection in the 9 bar holder.

Frequently Asked Questions

The tricep bar weighs 25lbs/11.5kg.

The tricep bar’s dimensions are:
  • 28mm diameter
  • 34″ length

The tricep bar’s weight capacity is 330lbs.

The distance between the handles of the tricep bar is 7.9″ (center-on-center).

The tricep bar’s shaft is coated in black Cerakote and the sleeves are titanium-plated.

Yes, regular 2-inch collars and Olympic weight plates will fit the tricep bar.

The tricep bar has one brass bushing per sleeve.
In the box, you’ll find the tricep bar with a generous coating of oil in order to minimize oxidation during shipping.

The tricep bar shipping box dimensions are:

  • 27lb weight
  • 35″ length
  • 9.5″ width
  • 4″ height

The tricep bar is covered under our Limited Lifetime Warranty, which guarantees that it will not break under normal use and protects against defects in material, function and workmanship.