5 Best Practices for Training While You Travel

Next to fitness, traveling is my passion. This means that since I started Bells of Steel in 2010, I’ve spent about 1 full year on the road backpacking. Whether you’re backpacking for 5 months in South East Asia, or doing a weekend conference in Las Vegas, I always feel like I need to stay active. Here’s some of my tried and true tips for training while you travel so your vacation doesn’t turn into a gains-cation.

1. Don’t train.

Terrible tip right? I wouldn’t recommend this for trips longer than a week. The truth is though, if you’re the type of person who has enough discipline just to be reading an article about training on your vacation, then you could probably use a break. Eat a lot, see the sites, sleep in and recharge. It’s not an uncommon occurrence to take a breather, only to come back to training and smash a PR.

2. Go for a run.

Within the lifting world running is basically sacrilege. Articles pop up from top class strength coaches basically deeming running as the fastest way to butcher your gains. But running can be an awesome way to see the city you’re in, and get in your training. If your trip is at all business related, chances are it will be difficult to get any training in when you’ve got meetings and sight seeing to do. This combines the both of them. Plus you’ve probably neglected running, and throwing a wrench into your training is a great way to get revitalized.

3. Get on a travel program and stick to a plan.

When I was in south east Asia for 5 months, with non-stop beaches, beautiful temples, and delicious food, it was very difficult to keep up with any kind of regimen. There is so much to see and do, you’re on a very limited time constraint, and chances are, that I would never see a lot of these places again in my life. It’s difficult to train while you travel we get it. It can be sweltering hot, and there was usually a 50% chance you would have some sort of GI issue on any given day. My saving grace was Ross Enamait’s Never Gymless. I brought some bands with me, and managed to stick relatively well to the programming designated. They’re short, intense workouts that require minimum warm up. A must for any backpackers.


4. Look up your local unconventional gym or CrossFit box and go for a workout.

There’s a lot of places outside North America that CrossFit/unconventional training has caught on. Chances are there’s a cool spot in wherever you’re visiting that will welcome you for a small drop in fee, or for free. This is also a great way to make friends on the road, and bond with likeminded individuals.

5. When in Rome…

Do as the locals do. Travelling in Thailand? Do some sessions at one of their world renowned Thai Boxing gyms. In Australia? Find a touch game of rugby. In any area of natural beauty? Go for a hike. There are sports and trails of all levels to be had when traveling, finding them is usually just a matter of Googling the sport you’re interested in playing, followed by the city.


Kaevon & Lindsay learning about Muay Lao in Vientiene in 2012.



About the Author


Kaevon is the owner/operator/founder of Bells of Steel. Kaevon was first converted to alternative training by picking up his first Kettlebell back in 2008. Since then he’s been hooked on training for real world strength, and spreading the word of unconventional training. Kaevon has competed in Olympic lifting, strongman, and currently plays rugby.